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Coach Loffer:
Man is it good to be back! I must be crazy going for a 3rd run through INFC lol. Let's have some fun!

Hilldale will have 2 teams in 1st grade. 1 will be an all Kindergarten team which I will coach along with our 3rd grade team.

Edmond will have a 1st grade team for the first time ever! From what I hear, a lot of the westside programs will have at least one first grade team.

Glenpool has 1 first grade team!! 1 last final run!!

LCS 1st grade is in with one 1st grade team.  Handed one off to school ball and circling back to the MM.  I think there are a few vets in that boat.  Looking forward to another ride.  Good luck to all of you.


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