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« on: July 22, 2017, 04:05:32 pm »
Good Afternoon Coaches! As we all know today was the annual INFC drafts. This past season was our 1st attempting to provide what we feel is the most accurate poll possible for INFC youth football. We feel as though the best way to provide an accurate poll is through anonymous voting based on a point structure (Ex:1st place vote = 15 pts and 15th place vote = 1 pt) . Last season we only done the MM age group but, this season we would like to offer this Poll to all grades. We ask all Coaches who are able to take time to participate in our poll in order to provide everyone with the most accurate poll possible based on the opinions of those who truly have the most knowledge of all the best teams INFC has to offer. If you are interested in learning more you are more than welcome to message us or send an email to which is also where you would be sending your votes every week. All votes would be due by 12 pm the following Monday after game weeks and for all grades 2nd-6th we would like to vote on Preseason Poll just for fun to help things rolling likely the Monday following 2nd scrimmages. Once again we would like to wish everyone the best of luck for this upcoming season and we look forward to all of our wonderful coaches input going forward. Thanks!

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