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Re: Final Rankings!
« on: November 11, 2019, 10:26:20 am »
End of the season Rankings.

Want to say its been a pleasure coaching with all the coaches. This grade is lucky to have so many great coaches. At the end of the day I can tell this group of coaches are all in it to grow these kids love for this great game. Look forward to the future  of getting to coach against all of you. Good luck in the off season and with your other sports.

1. TYAA Blue - Defense Winís championships that for sure and they proved that. Only allowed 13 points in the entire playoffs. #7 is a special kid for this group he has some serious skills. Also this group has kids that tackle and other players that make them so good. They make it hard to do anything offensively. I look forward to the battles in years to come. Great season Blue and congrats on the championship!!!

2. Skiatook- Finished the season with one loss to the champs. Only team to score on the champs in the playoffs. #5 came so far this season for us heís something special and will be in years to come. #85 I donít brag on because he is mine, and I let other people usually do that. His love for the game absolutely blows my mind he has a bright future if he sticks with it.  Looking forward to coaching this group next year. Iím blessed to have a group that works as hard as they do.

3. Choctaw Gold- Great team and they shocked most people in these playoffs. Very disciplined, and there coaching is as good as it gets at this level. # 16 is a monster on the offensive and defensive side of the ball. He will be a problem for many in years to come. #14 is one of the best lineman in the league. A lot of respect to these guys I really hope to play them next year.

4. Lincoln Christian- This group of kids are going to be tough next year. It didnít matter who they played they were always in the mix, and 99% of the time they came out with the win. # 1 is a player tough kid he will be a problem in years to come great athlete. #11 is also a force on this team and will give offenses fits for years to come. Great season Lincoln Christian!!!

5. BA White-12-1 great season for these guys. This group is well coached and they donít go down with a fight. Kids on this team know how to play together and it really showed. They even had a kid playing with a cast on his arm. Kudos to the parents for allowing him to play. #24 & # 5 are ball players on both sides of the ball. These boys can block and they can tackle. #7 is a player tough kid runs the ball fearless and often. I look forward to coaching and playing this group from years to come.  Great season BA White!!!

6. TYAA Red- This group of kids were very young and usually found a way to win. They defiantly have the fastest kid in first grade in #12. I didnít believe it til I seen it in person. #24 has some serious skills as well he is so quick in a small space bright future for him. This group will be hard to handle next year if they stay together. Great job coaches with such a young group. Great season Red!!!

7. Catoosa Green- Catoosa Green will be in the top five next year all year. If they are on your schedule you better bring your A-Game. This group has great coaches that have been around for a long time. # 98 is a player and a difference maker canít wait to see how good he is next year. Great season Catoosa green!!!

8. Sand Springs- this group of kids shocked me in the playoffs. I will be the first to tell you I was wrong in there skill to be able to get to the semi-finals. #22, 5, & 38 are some ball players for this group.  I personally congratulated there coach after there win over Bixby and ate a little crow as he reminded me what I said. Great job Sand Springs you all are tough and will be a force in years to come. Great season Sandites!!!

9. Bixby-This group of kids fight and they fight hard to the last second. Everyone knows about #21 and yes he is as advertised if you havenít seen him play in person. Kids got A bright future as well as his teammates if they stick with it. Great year Spartans!!!

10. Muskogee White- This group has some players with as much speed as anyone in the league. They are going to be great for years to come. There coaching staff did a great job with these boys from beginning of the season to the end. Also # 4 is a absolute stud at this level. Great season Roughers!!!

Skiatook 1st grade HC
Proud Dad of #85
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