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Re: 2020 1st Grade Championship
« on: November 11, 2020, 09:33:44 pm »
Iím looking forward to watching this game. Iíve been told that #33 from Bixby is a kindergartner and if thatís true then man oh man Iím excited to watch him as he gets older!!  We lost to Bixby in regular season and I said then that this team was good and would be tough for anyone to beat. I had heard about ClaremoreS offense and was excited to see them in person at the playoffs and just like I said in about week 5 or 6ís picks that I thought the coach was down playing his team. They are solid on both sides of the ball and their #10 doesnít get the recognition he should. Heck of a player. I picked the Zebras to beat TYAA Blue by 2 TDís and was shocked at the score but after reading about the  4 fumbles I can see how they got beat like that. Not taking anything away from Blue. Those guys are big and can play. But the two best teams I watched in the playoffs were these two playing for the championship. Iíll be pulling for Bixby but only because they are from our division and our only regular season loss when we had all of our RBís, who was also our shut down corner, to an injury two weeks ago. (Not saying we wouldíve made championship, no excuses) This age group has a lot of good teams in it and will be exciting to watch next season but Iíll be coaching 1St grade again since my sons a kindergartner. Good luck to both teams!! Hope everyone stays injury free! 
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