Author Topic: Tripping/unsportsmanlike??  (Read 441 times)

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Re: Tripping/unsportsmanlike??
« on: October 13, 2020, 11:48:21 pm »
I didn't know they changed this rule. But they did. If this is pertaining to the 6th grade game between BA and Jenks that was definitely tripping.  But here's the exact rule and the penalty enforcement.

RULES 2-45, 9-4-3o (NEW),
9-4-3o PENALTY (NEW)
The foul for tripping has been
expanded to include the runner.
It is now illegal to trip any
opponent. Tripping is the
intentional use of the lower leg
or foot to obstruct an opponent
below the knee. The penalty is
15 yards.

if you would, please PM me what you're talking about. We don't teach our kids you do that and if that's what they were doing the score doesn't indicate that LOL! Seriously though please let me know so I can get it fixed