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Two questions from Saturday's 3rd grade game.

First while on Offense the opposing team had 2 stripers lined up though in a 3 point stance out on top of our slot receivers when asked the ref said he is covered by a player so that is ok.

Second the opposing teams skill players on offense would run over to their coach who would be on the field to give them the play. When asked was told that is up to the refs if that is allowed or not.

Director of Officials:
Yes a 2 striper can be lined up out wide but there has to be a receiver on the outside of him and the receiver has to be on the line of scrimmage.  The 2 striper must be in a 3 point or 4 point stance. 

QB/RB/WR run over to their coach for play calling all the time, at most levels of play -  as far as the coach being on the field that is probably going to depend on how far out on the field.  A couple of steps on the field to call a play is not that big of a deal for most officials - out to the numbers and we are normally going to ask that he move back.   

Thanks was just wanting some clarity because in the rule book it states a 2 striper cant line up any further out then Head up with a TE even if there is not a TE on that side

Director of Officials:
I think that is for defense but let me double check - I have told someone they could do this so if it has happened and it is not supposed to I will correct it. 
The rulebooks says they can only be a lineman in a down position.  I took that as long as they were covered up they could line up outside BUT if we won't allow a 2 striper outside of the end on defense it would make sense that a 2 striper could not line up outside of that on offense as well.  Let me run it by a few people for clarification. 


Sorry for the confusion the the other teams 2 striper was on Defense and they had him out Wide in a 3 point stance in front of our slot receiver. So when I brought it up the Ref said that he was covered by the receiver so it was fine.


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