Author Topic: Refs at Hilldale 09/28/2019  (Read 1635 times)

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Re: Refs at Hilldale 09/28/2019
« Reply #30 on: October 10, 2019, 09:08:36 pm »
I have been involved with the INFC and CYFA for a good 13 plus years, I have lost count because the days are long but the years fly by! I can honestly say I have NEVER witnessed an incident like this. When I say incident I am referring to the fact that the refs in this game DID NOT DO what they said they would do and that is record and report and file the fight aka "the incident" at the end of the game AFTER they witnessed it, commented on how the Sequoyah player got worked over, wrote down the players numbers and said it was recorded and would be reported. IT IS THEIR JOB to do that very thing and the whole issue is the principal that there has been zero integrity here on their part. I am not getting into players numbers and specifics because I am not falling into that trap here and I WILL NOT play the blame game on players and coaches and parents. Anyone who doesn't see an issue with the clip of the start of the fight, that is your opinion and your right, but that is NOT how football is played and that is NOT OK. It is not also ok that parents have to now get every single thing on film in order for it to even withstand a chance to be corrected. As mother to 3 boys that have played for and one still plays for CYFA and INFC I am absolutely disgusted with this entire situation. Myself and my husband, who is a youth football coach and has been for 13 years, try and teach not only our boys, but the boys he coaches how to play football, how to be young men of their word, honest, have integrity, how to be a team mate on and off the field, how to handle certain situations that may happen..and when the rules are broken and there are ZERO consequences and adults do not uphold their word..well it is disappointing, it is disgusting and chalking it up to "well it wasn't that bad" are you KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW? That may be how some of you all want to raise your children and players and teach them, but that is NOT how we do things and when people let things go and do not follow the rules and do not stand by their word when it is their job you bet some people will take the necessary steps to ensure there are consequences because these young men are watching. We did not get on tape the entire incident but what is recorded is enough, if you put it in slow motion you will be pretty disgusted and the fact that the refs acknowledged it to Sequoyah's HC and stated they would record and report it then didn't and from the looks of it lied about it..No not cool people. My faith in INFC as well as my patience is wearing thin, Football is hard nosed, hard played, hard fought and an emotional game..I understand this ALL TO WELL. However, things like this should not be something we should have to be concerned about or worried about. Sometimes these things unfortunately happen where players or coaches get emotional and heated but they should be held to consequences and the Refs of all people should be too and they should do their jobs and be men /women of integrity and their word. That is the principal here. In 13 years i have NEVER commented or even made a screen name but at this point it appears a blind eye may be fallen onto this and my thing is, how do we explain this to our kids? We all fall short but rules are in place to enforce when we do and the consequences should be paid. Come on people..see the issue for what it is. We shouldn't have to worry about this. On that note good luck to all teams!
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