Author Topic: Refs at Hilldale 09/28/2019  (Read 1723 times)

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Re: Refs at Hilldale 09/28/2019
« Reply #15 on: October 05, 2019, 05:58:58 am »
When there are continuous late hits, cheap shots by the same players repeatedly and even away from the action of the ball, after the play and in The back field it makes one wonder how that's even happening and being over looked for one, for 2 it will make for a "chippy" game because the players on the receiving end will eventually get tired of it. Question is, is that a tactic and is that being actually coached and taught? And yes players safety were at risk which is the only reason I commented to enlighten you on facts you may not have been aware of. These things take time to come to light. I'm a fan of football and what happened this particular game was not football. Question now is, is this an isolated occurrence to that day or an ongoing problem? Disciplinary action will eventually follow suit for such poor sportsmanship. These kids, refs, coaches, kids cannot go through football or life turning a blind eye to what's wrong.

I was going to stay out of this, but no this is not taught with our team. This is a two street that your players were just as guilty. And if yíall have film of the incident after the game I would love to see it because Iíve been trying to find it myself.  Not sure you have it though because you have the wrong 2 numbers, but during all of what you are saying please donít forget the play of 34 and 44 all game. Yes it was chippy, it was physical, and there was a lot of extras by BOTH teams after the play. But it was a football game a good one at that. Hilldale players were disciplined that day and at practice, what about Sequoyah players? Iím sorry this incident happened and Iím sure it wonít happen again by my boys.
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