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Re: Please clarify
« on: November 08, 2020, 11:54:52 am »
Yes I spoke to the officials this morning.  Glenpool did say they wanted to punt and the official on that sideline didn't compute that it was an automatic punt.  Referee was surprised Glenpool was going for it on their own 8 yard line as well but he didn't hear them declare punt.  With the side official stating after the fact that they did say they wanted to punt we would likely have to treat it like an inadvertent whistle and replay it.  There is no right answer here, someone was going to upset and with good reason.  Thankfully for the officials (and the team it went against), they did go ahead and score from the 28 yard line after they allowed the 20 yard automatic punt.

In the future, both the officials and the coaches need to make sure what the team wants to do on 4th down before anything else happens.  Referee said he definitely made sure after this situation and he will from now on as well.