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Ten second violation


 We had an official in Jenks that made two ten second violation calls against us this Saturday. He said that even though there was a dead ball during this count that at the next inbounds the count started where it ended at the timeout. So for example we threw it in the backcourt and he counted to three and blew his whistle. He said that we had already used seven seconds before the timeout and it was a 10 second violation.  I asked the other official for help and he said he supported his partner. I believe that this is referred to as a soft count versus the NBA rule of a hard count. Do you know the correct call?

Director of Officials:
I spoke to the official that made that call, he acknowledged he was wrong to me (probably after he looked it up after the game.)  Anytime you have a stoppage of play in Federation Rules the 10 second count starts over.  I doubt they make that mistake ever again. 

Thank you for the clarification. Will you also ask them if continuation is a part of third grade basketball?  The other official in the the game stated that after a foul you have two steps to take a shot. He actually used the word continuation.

Director of Officials:
Would have to see the play, just depends on whether the player was in the act of shooting yet.  Sounds like we have some guys that watch a lot of NBA.. 


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