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Re: Standards
« on: February 27, 2016, 08:08:38 am »
Thanks for your comment Chefzebra.

I would agree with your baseball reference if we were talking about 2nd grade and younger.  By the time most kids reach 3rd grade and certainly 4th grade, most of the kids understand all of the fouls that all called correctly.  Travelling much of the time is a thing of the past, not always but most of the time.  All kids know that you can't reach in from behind or run into a kid in an attempt to get the ball or stop a player from driving to the basket.  Charging is probably the one and only foul that is not fully understood at this level. However, because this type of contact is not always called, it still happens a lot more than it should.  My point is the obvious contact foul is not always called.  Now I did not say the word "consistent".  Nothing is consistent in basketball.  As far as a contact foul goes lets just assume we know what is and isn't a contact foul.  If we want to discuss that, then lets start a new topic because that is a topic all to itself.

The bottom line from my standpoint is and I really haven't heard a valid argument against, is grade school ball starting in at least 4th grade should be officiated at a level that is more consistent with 9th grade.  If you haven't seen a HS game then go to a couple and you will see the difference.