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Re: Standards
« on: February 26, 2016, 09:16:01 am »
Thanks for your comment Jon,

Unfortunately, it doesn't answer my question.  If the answer is that there would be to many fouls called at these younger ages and the game would take to long then that would be an answer.  If that is the case was that a decision made by everyone at the beginning of the season or is it some unwritten rule?

I would not agree with that decision though.  All contact fouls should be called regardless.  It would only slow the game down for a while and yes it would help reinforce the rules we are teaching our kids.  I understand that in second grade might be to young but starting in 3rd or 4th is not.  The kids would learn how to play the game a lot quicker if we officiated closer. 

By the way my post here is not to rip on the referees.  It is just simply trying to gain an understanding to create an open dialog to help improve the game at the grade school levels.