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Whomever the refs were on Tuesday night at owasso7th grade center need an education on how to ref.   Ref hob is to call the game and not to interact with crowd, not the first time I’ve seen these two do this.

Director of Officials:
If you would like to go into more detail on what your complaint is please send me an email at bkelleyok@gmail.com
Both officials have been calling for a while and know how to call. 

Why waste my time?   We’ve heard for years the refs are gonna get better and nothing changes!   Is a ref supposed to talk to fans in crowd?   I don’t care how long they’ve been calling, they still do it.   Even had a guy from other team that was sitting in front of me that is a college ref that said the refs need some education on interacting w crowd. 

Also, if ref stops play for “injured player” does that player have to be substituted for?

Director of Officials:
Sounds like you have your mind made up but to answer your questions:

An official can absolutely address the crowd and have a fan removed if needed.  Some officials are better at it than others and I would prefer they get game administration involved but that is not always an option at that very moment. 

Not necessarily on the injured player, if the coach comes onto the court to attend to a injured player then the player will have to come out until the next dead ball.  If the player says, I am okay and the coach does not come onto the court, the player can continue to play. 

I’m done w officials and crowd, some are good and others are more concerned w what’s going on in the crowd.   Officials need to ref the game and worry about what is going on in the game, period.  Fans are gonna hoop and holler and disagree, doesn’t mean the official need to interject and get involved.
So again to 12 o’clock game at owasso 7th grade center between Owasso Nationals and BABronze 9 graders.  Player injured, officials stopped game, coach entered court to attend player.  I had to call timeout to clarify the player had to be substituted for bc coach entered the floor to check on him.  Official told me I didn’t know rule and I was wrong. The other coach knew I was right and he went ahead and substituted for injured player, otherwise he was going to allow him to stay in.


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