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Re: Refs
« on: January 22, 2018, 08:33:00 pm »
Iím done w officials and crowd, some are good and others are more concerned w whatís going on in the crowd.   Officials need to ref the game and worry about what is going on in the game, period.  Fans are gonna hoop and holler and disagree, doesnít mean the official need to interject and get involved.
So again to 12 oíclock game at owasso 7th grade center between Owasso Nationals and BABronze 9 graders.  Player injured, officials stopped game, coach entered court to attend player.  I had to call timeout to clarify the player had to be substituted for bc coach entered the floor to check on him.  Official told me I didnít know rule and I was wrong. The other coach knew I was right and he went ahead and substituted for injured player, otherwise he was going to allow him to stay in.