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Ref tracking fouls

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In the 7th grade rec game between Owasso Hot Shots and BA Silver in BA on the 27th ref told #34 for BA .."foul on 34 then told the boy thats five you are out. Ref did not tell coach or confer with score desk if it was five. Two minutes passed and a coach asked the scores table how many fouls did 34 have and they said only 4. Curious is the ref keeping track of fouls or is the scores table.? Is ref supposed to confer. Never heard where the refs were tracking fouls in a game..

Director of Officials:
Never heard of that either.  That should be the official book's responsibility.  What time was the game and on which court and I will check with the officials on the game. 

Court 2 at 1 o clock

Any word on this .

No answer confirms my suspicion about refs


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