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Re: Ref tracking fouls
« on: February 05, 2018, 08:50:20 am »
1, Ref never spoke to coach
2. Ref stated to boy " Foul on 34 that's five you are out.
3. This boy has played rec/competetive basketball- socceer- football since the third grade w/out missing a season. Never had a technical , or personal foul called on him. One yellow card in socceer. So do not buy the thought he wanted him to "cool down". Ask any coach and they will testify to this kids character.
4. Believe ref allowed his personal feelings to get the best of him and overstepped.

I realize the refs have a tough job and unrewarding most of the time and I appreciate thier willingness to ref these games. However; in this instance I believe the situation got the best of him. Thanks for your input and appreciate you looking into this. Overall the refs have done a good job this season.