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Injured player question


I have a question about an injured player and if a timeout can buy him back in... Here is the scenario

My player grabs a rebound, somehow falls and he hit his Chin hits the floor. Whistle blew and I went to access my Player. No blood, just tears lol. We were in a critical spot in the game and he happens to be one of my better players. Ref says “coach I need another player”.. So instead of taking him out, I call a timeout so I can keep him in. Once timeout was over the red says “coach you can’t buy him back in with a timeout. He must wait till the next dead ball”. I then tell him, I called a timeout so I didn’t have to take him out. He argues that he’s been A referee for 20 years and that you can’t “buy” a player back in with a timeout...

Can someone brief me on the rules here. I’m not mad what so ever, I just wanna know if I sounded like an idiot to this referee or not ha. I just want to know for future references. (The referee wasn’t rude at all)

Director of Officials:
You can buy an injured/bleeding player back in the game with a timeout. 
Section 4, Article 7 in the notes section speaks about this as well as Rule 5, Article 8 of the NFHS rulebook.
Now if it related to concussion type symptoms that is a different story - if an official sends a player out because he/she is exhibiting signs of a concussion that player would need to be out until being examined by an appropriate health care professional and cleared.   

What location and time did this happen Saturday and I will make sure the official is made aware. 

Good question, thank you for sharing!  Maybe we can all learn from this situation. 

Thank you so much for the response. It was actually at a tournament in bixby over the weekend. My intention was not to try and get anyone in trouble by any means. I just really wanted to hear from you directly just so I know FOR SURE that I knew what the rule was. Thank you so much for the response and your love for our Youth. The level of dedication you have for our youth and officials is mind blowing. Thanks for all you do

The tournament at the warehouse is not a INFC sanctioned event. Different rules!

Director of Officials:
agreed about the different rules but that one is likely the same where every you play.
The could be getting it mixed up with football if they officiate both - If a player is sent out for injury/blood/equipment in football you can't buy them back in, they have to sit out a play. 


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