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4th grade jump ball rule

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I was just wondering how possession is awarded after a jump ball is called at the 4th grade level. From what other leagues have down possession is awarded to non possessing team(defense). However I have been unable to find consistantsy between the games and calls. Just trying to find out what the actual rule states.

Director of Officials:
The arrow is awarded to the team that did not get the opening tip in most instances.  Do you have a specific example or are you asking in general? 

Excluding the initial tip off of course, every jump ball there after. When too players from opposing teams have possession at the same time or trying to steal from a cornered or stalled player or if the ball were to roll on the ground.

Director of Officials:
No it not always the defense.  Alternating possession (depends on which way the arrow is pointing) 

That is a theory i had, but the calls dont exactly match up to that. Its usually a guessing game. Ive seen 3 calls in a row go to one team, with 2 being on offense and 1 on defense. Very confusing.


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